Unifying the content experience: Modeling content across the client journey

Clients today decide when and how to use content in their journey. They’ve tossed aside distinctions between “pre-sale” and “post-sale”, marketing and support, sales and documentation. However, the way that we create content still follows those traditional boundaries. We tell different stories, we duplicate content, we are missing content. It’s time to take your content modeling skills on the road and meet your neighbors. By collaborating with other teams to develop a cross-domain model of content types across the client journey, you can reduce the clutter, unify the experience, and ultimately guide users seamlessly from evaluation to evangelism.

What can the audience expect to learn?

We will begin by understanding the content ecosystem. What barriers exist? What can each team gain from an integrated content model? We will discuss some approaches for getting buy-in and cooperation where you need it. We will then talk about creating the content type model itself. Where do you begin? What content types are most interesting for this work? How do you identify and resolve similar types? We’ll end by discussing how you transition from model to implementation.

Meet the presenter

Jennifer Fell has over 15 years of experience as an enterprise content strategist and architect at companies ranging from 10 people to 400,000. At IBM, Jennifer works in the Enterprise Content Center of Excellence, driving corporate-wide content best practices and consulting directly with product content teams to help them use content to connect their customers and their business. She has experience delivering content for enterprise software solutions, “chatbot” development environments, consumer game systems, high capacity disk drives, and more. Jennifer is an instructor for the UCSC Extension program, a senior member of STC, and a member of the User Experience Professionals Association.

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