Convert and Load…the Last Mile

Organizations moving to a DITA-based approach to authoring, content management and content delivery have a tremendous amount to consider as they embark on their journey. Such projects are not small in effort and they involve, or should involve, everyone in the process from engineers and technical writers through to content consumers. The need to embark on such a project should be obvious and the expected results achievable, with rich reward at the end. There is however all too often an elephant in the room. Converting and loading your content to achieve that rich reward is sometimes an afterthought and one that can cause great anxiety as the project progresses. Please join Brian Trombley from Data Conversion Laboratory along with a panel of DITA practitioners to learn from their experiences in dancing with elephants as they discuss their planning and execution…what went right, what went wrong, and how things could have possibly gone better.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Planning and proper budgeting for the conversion and load phase of your DITA project is crucial to the overall success. Many do and many don’t plan and budget at the right level. This session will show how proper planning and adequate budget will go a long way in helping you achieve maximum payoff in the end.

Meet the presenter

Brian Trombley has over 35 years’ experience in helping clients implement content oriented processes and technologies for all aspects of publishing across a wide range of industry verticals. An early practitioner of structured content methodologies, Mr. Trombley was at the forefront of the SGML and XML revolutions and has helped clients successfully manage change and convert and leverage content for maximum business value.


Sabine has 20 years experience working in XML, and more than15 years architecting, deploying, and migrating structured authoring systems at major companies. She’s worked on both Docbook and DITA implementations, and worn many hats—Information Architect, Content Strategist, web site librarian and  Enterprise Metadata Czar. Sabine is currently leading Akamai Technologies  into a practical, successful and scalable DITA and CCMS implementation. When not working, Sabine is an amateur Photo Historian and enjoys collecting and talking about vintage snapshots.


As DITA Information Architect at Life Fitness (formerly Cybex), Bob Garber is responsible for the Cardio equipment product line. The deliverables for the Technical Publications department include manuals, instruction sheets, decals, web content, and other technical information. Bob holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from Central New England College.



Kate has been with US Pharmacopeial Convention for 14 years holding a number of positions including Editorial, Product Support Team Lead, and for the past 8 years Information Architect. Kate is leading the charge as US Pharmacopeial Convention makes the move from a proprietary XML schema to DITA and is also the administrator for the CCMS. Kate holds a Master of Science in Technology Management, a Master of Business Administration, and Web Development certification.


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