DITA and global content: A strategic approach

DITA is designed as an end-to-end architecture; yet, frequently, a company’s content falls short of being approached, organized, and managed in a way to maximize the “DITA benefit.” Problems occus especially where global content in any language is concerned. DITA and translation should be natural allies. In this presentation, we show the audience how to build a global content strategy by providing concrete examples of strategy, authoring and translations.

The key takeaway will be a Global Content Road Map that will provide participants with a framework for how to enable these “natural allies” to partner up for the benefit of both the business and global end users.

What can the audience expect to learn?

As companies recognize the need for an integrated customer experience across markets, product lines, and languages, the benefits of a global content strategy, including DITA as a core architecture, will become increasingly apparent. The presentation provides significant benefit to the audience by providing tools, strategies, tips, and an overall business case for a DITA-driven global content strategy.

Meet the presenters

As CEO of Prisma International, a provider of strategic translation services, Jim has been helping companies become global ready for over thirty years. His relentless focus on the seamless communication experience — the right content delivered in the right language on the right platform — grew out of his experience as a small kid in an Italian family in New Jersey, where none of the three existed. As a grownup professional linguist, Jim develops localization and content strategies for a broad range of clients, from startups to large companies and government agencies. His recent work involves developing translation management platforms for retail, healthcare, and hi-tech clients.


As Manager of Technical Publications at Life Fitness, Judy coordinates the daily activities including localization for 11 languages and is responsible for the Strength equipment product line. Judy holds a degree in Communications from University of Minnesota.



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