The Content Ecosystem: Effectively Reusing Content in a Product Development Organization

Information is one of the most important commodities within organizations. Once content is created, it becomes an asset, often unused by many areas in an organization. By attending this session, the audience gains understanding of why content developers are essential to the product development organization, not only for external customers, but also for internal teams. By building content in a manner that’s easy to consume internally, and also prepare for customer access, the content development team enables all users to make informed decisions, and concentrate more on their essential work, rather than on building content. The examples we’ll show include how QA can use chunked information to build test cases, and how training can take the same raw content and build training modules.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Often the same information is developed in multiple different parts of a product development organization, effectively redoing the same job over and over again. By understanding needs of the entire content ecosystem, organizations can leverage available content and reduce inefficiencies. In this presentation audience will learn the mechanism of chunking information for simplified reuse and realizing benefits from content reuse in the product development lifecycle.

Meet the presenter

Priyanka Sharma, Director, QA :
17+ year of engineering background and focuses on building the frameworks, and cultural intelligence strengths.

*  PMI Symposium 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
*  SCRUM Alliance 2014
*  Music City Agile and Code 2016


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