Work in progress

Our journey to DITA began several years ago, and although we are near the end of implementing our complete tool suite for the Cloud, challenges in implementing the DITA information standard persist. This presentation examines those challenges, the lessons learned along the way, and an emerging framework being built to sustain the progress. We would like to share that story.

What can the audience expect to learn?

This presentation reflects a kind of roadmap. Landmarks will serve to keep the traveler on the right path, and when the path is blocked, clear detours will be posted. This emerging framework, a work in progress to sustain the DITA information standard, will be presented during the presentation for discussion and input so that an initial pass can ultimately be shared with the larger DITA community.

Meet the presenters

Rich Pagano is a Principal Information Architect at Fidelity Investments. His recent work includes collaboration in building a Cloud-based CMS with attention to metadata, controlled vocabularies for navigational and other taxonomies, and content types in conjunction with templates; and exploring simplified solutions to author in the Cloud using the DITA information standard. Previous work includes collaboration in content audits, taxonomy design, and user analysis.


Jane Mosczynski is the Director of Information Architecture at Fidelity Investments in Smithfield, RI. Her career in developing content strategy, instructional design and information architecture has fundamentally involved helping people get the content they need, when they need it. She currently leads a team of Information Architects with the responsibility and challenge of introducing DITA as the standard framework for a new reference platform. Jane believes in the power of community to enable organizational and individual learning and growth across industries.


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