AI the Docs

Artificial intelligence is the latest big technology wave that is transforming industry. In this talk I explore what core trends will shape its impact on the technical writing profession.

I will explore a handful of existing technologies and a methodology that any writing team could use to start experimenting with personalised proactive documentation. Last but not least, I will explain why this is a major opportunity for minimalism and how Artificial Intelligence could be used to deliver DITA content in a conversational UI.

What can the audience expect to learn?

This talk is the culmination of a long string of conversations I’ve had in the past year with documentarians around the world. In this talk I will share what I’ve learned about Conversational UI, Embedded Help, and Artificial Intelligence in documentation systems.

Meet the presenter

Kristof is a web application strategist and architect with a degree in bioengineering. At Pronovix, the company he co-founded, he’s been focussing on Drupal since 4.7. Recently, as a natural evolution of their earlier work around open source DITA tools, Pronovix specialised in API documentation solutions and Developer Portals built in Drupal.

Kristof likes organizing events that build community. Among others, he was the initiator and/or (co-)lead of Drupalcon Szeged (2008), Drupal Developer Days Brussels (2011), Drupal Government Days (2011), Drupal CXO Amsterdam & Rome (2012) and Drupal Dev Days Szeged (2014). Sinds 2015 he’s been focussing his community investments on events in the Write the Docs community (e.g. WTD London Meetup, API Documentation mini-events). He is a member of the Drupal Association Advisory Board and Nomination Committee.

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