Authoring and Localization in the CCMS Era

DITA and a CCMS is not only a promising solution for content creators and localizers (write once, use many times), it also presents new challenges and pitfalls.
While the authoring and localization processes will never fully converge, there is a real opportunity for close collaboration to avoid the pitfalls and reap the cost and time saving benefits of reusable content inherent with DITA and a CCMS.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Explore a winning global content strategy to

  • Translate once and reuse across multiple media and content types
  • Save time and money with translation focused on the delta
  • Ensure quality with references and in-context review
  • Limit post-translation production with global design and authoring practices

Meet the presenters

Ingrid Allsop

Ingrid Allsop is a seasoned localization professional with over 25 years of experience, covering the breadth and depth of all aspects of product globalization and localization. She has been a key contributor to strategic decision making from global product planning to launch. She has extensive client-side as well as service provider-side localization experience.



Dulce Carrillo


Dulce Carrillo
is a Localization Analyst for Physio-Control, a medical device company, specialized in defibrillators. She has an extensive localization and linguistic background, with a  focus on terminology management and  process improvement. She has worked as a Linguistic Language Lead, Translator, and Editor for online gaming companies. She has specialized in medical insurance translations and worked as a Washington State Certified Court Interpreter. Dulce is an enthusiastic evangelizer of all things localization!



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