Vintage Reuse in Slideshows: How to bring nothing new to the plate in a powerful way

You want to become an information architect? Come to this presentation. You want to improve your reuse strategies? Come to this presentation. You don’t know what to improve, but you’d like to make your DITA implementation more efficient? Come to this presentation. I have absolutely nothing new to show you, yet I have something powerful to tell you. I’d like to remind you about the oldest trick in the book, pun intended.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Improving DITA implementations is not about following formulas given to us by others. Yes, people will get great benefits from reusing topics, as well as from using conditional filtering, conrefs, and variables. All reuse strategies rely on very few basic principles: use labels, then pull, push, or remove. I’m using the slideshow tool that I presented in 2015 to show that new problems can be resolved by going to the base: if content is labelled, it can be manipulated.

Meet the presenter

France Baril

France Baril, owner of Architextus Inc., is a DITA/XML consultant as well as a documentation architect who helps organizations analyze their content and processes, select and develop tools, and learn about DITA and/or XML. She has a unique background with a BA in Communication from University of Ottawa and a BSc in Computer Science from Université de Sherbrooke.



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