Let’s Exploit DITA: How to automate an App Catalog

Sick of instructions such as “create five topics with the following titles” or “look this up in the app database”? Well, then it’s time to create your own smart templates with DITA. We worked it out for our app catalog and would like to share our knowledge with you. Our creation and update process is highly automated and relies on templates, reusable texts, and data merge. Authors and subject matter experts provide their input using forms. The information architect takes care of the reusable texts. And with nearly one click, everything is compiled into a full documentation set.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Attendees get fresh insights about

  • Automation–templates for maps and topics, reusable texts, scripts
  • Data merge–how to incorporate external data automatically
  • Quick information access for readers–searchable overview tables
  • Simplified text input for authors and subject-matter experts–a DITA-based form with checkboxes that can be maintained on the Web

Meet the Presenter

Carsten Brennecke

Carsten Brennecke has been a Knowledge Architect in the central User Assistance Strategy and Services team at SAP since more than 15 years. He has a strong background and many years of experience in information architecture and coordination of large software documentation sets as well as in DITA-based documentation creation.



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