Introduction to Management (aka Noob boss 101)

Hey congratulations, you’re a new or freshly minted manager. Here’s your list of direct reports. Can you put out all of these 27 burning fires in the next week? That’d be great ….

Hit the ground running or review how you did with a review of key basics:

  • learn handy handoff old work tips
  • build lasting relationships with your boss and your directs
  • brush up on budget oversight
  • triage your problems to make sure the heavy bleeders get the most bandages
  • consider what makes for successful managers
  • know that politics are not avoidable

What can the audience expect to learn?

Attendees have a chance to ask questions in a stress-free forum, to gain or relearn basic management tools, and to feel increased confidence in their roles.

Meet the presenter

Chris Bridgen

Chris Bridgen has been managing things for years. Managing to irritate his teenage son with corny puns, mostly. And managing technical communicators for a decade with nary a sly joke deployed during performance reviews. When not inducing groans at home, he 24/7 manages the Fixed Networks documentation team at Nokia, a leader in worldwide telecommunications. That’s 24 days a month, seven months a year.



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