Trends in Tech Comm That Support Virtual and Augmented Reality

The rise of wearable technology, the Internet of Things, and improvements in video, animation, and content management technologies are changing the way we work and live, as well as how we perceive reality. This shift is both fascinating and thought-provoking, and we are just beginning to understand the possibilities. For years, we have explored concepts of minimalism, usability, user experience, and accessibility. Finally, technology has caught up to the ideas and we can do many of the things that we could only theorize about even 5 years ago. Join the conversation and explore with us as we look at the trends in technical communication that support and facilitate augmented and virtual reality applications. 

What can the audience expect to learn?

  • How tech com trends can support augmented reality
  • Possible uses for augmented reality and some potential challenges
  • Ideas for incorporating augmented reality into your content strategy

Meet the presenter

Kit Brown-Hoekstra

Katherine (Kit) Brown-Hoekstra is an STC Fellow and STC 2015-16 Society Immediate Past President, an experienced consultant with over 25 years of experience in technical communication, much of it working with localization teams. As Principal of Comgenesis, LLC, Kit provides consulting and training to her clients on a variety of topics, including localization, content strategy, and content management. She speaks at conferences worldwide and publishes regularly in industry magazines. Her blog is


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