Climbing Toward a Unified Customer Experience

Delivering content with the focus on the best customer experience possible can be challenging in organizations, large and small, but perseverance and diligence can overcome the challenges of conflicting goals, changing strategies, and evolving technologies. Jill and Pat talk about their experiences in working towards a top notch customer experience and how they overcame challenges to move the ball forward.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Attendees learn how the technical, organizational and cultural challenges in getting to the ideal customer experience can be overcome with perseverance and a solid strategy and framework.

Meet the presenters

Pat Burrows

Pat Burrows has held a range of positions in Information Development including her most recent role of Director, Information Experience at EMC where she led the transition to structured authoring including deployment of the tool chain, development of training and standards, and managed multiple information development groups. Other experience includes technical writing, information development management, adjunct instructor of software documentation, and Board member of the Professional and Technical Communication Advisory Board for SUNY Polytechnic Institute for several years.

Jill Orofino

JillOrofino_linkedin_021A recovering academic, Jill turned her passion for research to technical content more than 15 years ago. Positions at short-lived start-ups led her to Acme Packet, a Burlington, MA telecommunications start-up where Jill stayed for 12 years. In that time, customer engagement came to figure prominently in her approach. Jill continues these projects at EMC, where she is currently the Director of Technical Content for the Core Technologies Division. She hears strains of her former academic life in the discourse around community and collaborative authoring, which bring together seemingly disparate voices to achieve far more than a single one could on its own.

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