Create and Reuse Intelligent Content (without any knowledge of XML)

Subject matter experts and occasional content contributors worldwide use FontoXML to create structured content. The clean interface of FontoXML makes web-based authoring super intuitive. The integration of various tools like Acrolinx (linguistics) and PoolParty (semantics) helps authors to create and reuse intelligent content. For example: product sheets (high tech), service briefs (automotive), SmPCs (pharma), legislation and STM publications.

No matter what business you’re in, you can bring your own content or we’ll provide you with some sample content. During the FontoXML Test Kitchen you can get your hands on FontoXML and experience the ease of use for yourself. In less than an hour you’ll be able to (re)create some great content. And you won’t need any XML knowledge whatsoever, that’s a promise!

What you’ll need to bring

All you will need is your laptop and you may bring your own content. As an alternative, you may also send your content to Jan Benedictus in advance:


Meet the presenter

Jan Benedictus 
JanBenedictusJan Benedictus MSc. is an experienced entrepreneur with focus on online publishing and content strategy. He has the Dutch nationality and works and lives in The Hague.

Jan has over 15 years of experience in online Publishing. He founded interactive agency Liones in 1999 and FontoXML in 2013.

Based on experience in designing, building and optimizing websites and applications, his 35 person team now develops and implements SME centered authoring for publishers, government and enterprises. Jan is actively involved in many of the implementation projects.

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