Easy Publishing to WordPress (and other formats) With easyDITA: A hands-on demo session

For many companies, having a responsive, feedback-ready web portal for documentation is becoming a necessity. easyDITA will show you how you can quickly set up an account, create documents, and publish them directly to your own branded WordPress site. You’ll walk away with a fully functional branded documentation web portal to share with your coworkers and managers!

What you’ll need to bring

Space is limited and you need to pre-register for an easyDITA account and WordPress account. Also, have your company logo (png or jpg) and some content you want to publish ready.  

Please contact rafi.pn@easydita.com or 585-484-8550 to reserve your space and get your free trial easyDITA account set up.

Meet the presenter

Patrick Bosek

Patrick Bosek
Patrick Bosek is a co-founder of Jorsek LLC, a company primarily focused on its flagship product easyDITA. Patrick is a software industry professional specializing in developing, productizing, and solving problems with product content software. He is a highly skilled developer, thoughtful manager, passionate customer advocate.


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