Fact or Fiction – What’s Really Cooking In the Content Kitchen using Simplified Technical English

In this session, attendees will be shown sample content and an overall content quality score by HyperSTE, including content readability, translatability and other key metrics. Next, you’ll be asked to vote which meaning theses sentences have and whether they are regarded as engaging or do they show a different meaning?

Attendees have the option to provide sample sentences prior and we’ll use those. The session is designed to get attendees to provide better alternatives to the sentences choice using their expertise and knowledge.

 All attendees will receive a free STE booklet (112 pages) and a white paper. If they are interested in a demo version, we will be happy to schedule one.

What you’ll need to bring

No requirements needed, other than your appetite for learning and perhaps some examples of challenges in writing which we can discuss publicly.

Meet the presenter

Berry is the global Sales Director of Technical Documentation Services at Etteplan, an engineering and documentation service provider with over 2100 employees of which 450 are technical documentation experts. Berry has over 15 years of customer facing experience in the field of technical documentation and has assisted many global companies with their content strategies, how to effectively communicate technical information and apply universal standards for content, including Simplified Technical English, DITA and Augmented Reality.


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