A Recipe for Success: Ingredients for collaborative DITA reviewing

Parallel authoring is one of the best ways to increase the efficiency of your authoring and reviewing processes. But how can this work in practice?

Join us in the Technology Test Kitchen to help us create the perfect DITA recipe, in your authoring tool of choice.
Working together, we will blend the best ideas from you, the team of authors, to produce a review candidate for our final recipe.
Using a combination of DeltaXML DITA Merge and our interactive web-based review tool, XML Flow, you will get hands-on experience of a collaborative review process.

Join us for some tasty treats to whet the appetite of your review team.

What you’ll need to bring

Using either tablets (which we will provide) or attendees’ laptops, these edits will be loaded into our web-based merge and review tool, XML Flow which will be hosted on our website.

Attendees can then review the changes made by individual members of the ‘team’ to produce the final version of the recipe.

Meet the presenter

Tristan Mitchell

Tristan is DeltaXML’s Product Manager with responsibility for future product direction. Over the last 10 years, his work as a Senior Developer and Solutions Architect for DeltaXML has given him a deep understanding of the products and a passion for helping customers to make the most out of those products. Tristan is also a father of three beautiful girls, a movie-lover, and a keen runner.



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