Linguistic Review: From inefficient and partitioned to collaborative and agile

Linguistic review or sign-off is the final step in the localization process. It consists in checking the translated documents after the publishing process. Some content publishers overlook it because it is an additional step after quality control and proof-reading, while others struggle with their in-country reviewers to get it done. For LSPs it is critical because it is where translation quality can be improved.

With traditional publishing processes, linguistic review often generates inefficiency and frustration for the content publisher, the in-country reviewers, and the LSP. Conflicts arise between Translation Memories, document variations, and stakeholder deadlines.

Dominique Trouche aims at analyzing the pitfalls of old-school linear linguistic review and how to avoid them using one of the pillars of structured content, namely the DITA structure. He will share their hands-on experience and how they migrated from a tedious and dysfunctional to an agile topic-based review. He will also present the benefits that resulted from the change.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Attendees learn about the linguistic review process and identify what technical publishers and their LSPs may be doing wrong. They are presented a solution to improve the process and understand its benefits.

Meet the presenters

Dominique Trouche

A graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Paris, Dominique is CEO of WhP since 2005. Before joining WhP, Dominique managed several multinational operations in various European countries, the US and South America. As Head of WhP, Dominique strives to make localization rime with innovation. His passion for DITA has led him to position WhP as a specialist in DITA localization to help customers reduce the overall cost of multilingual DITA content generation. The company has designed advanced solutions that bridge the gap between DITA and localization processes, leveraging content reuse and collaborative linguistic review.



Amanda Etheridge
Amanda Etheridge

Amanda Etheridge has 16 years experience in marketing of technical products in international firms. Marketing Manager at WhP since 2014, she has helped lay out the company’s mid term strategy. She is in charge of the company’s print and web collaterals. She blogs for the company and has written several articles on DITA content localization.



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