Video: Just try it

Video has been around for some time, yet many technical communication groups have been hesitant to adopt this medium. Time, resources, and complexity are often perceived as obstacles. Videos are no longer reserved for the big production houses with expensive equipment and complicated tools. Most technical communication professionals have the foundational experience and wherewithal to develop and deliver videos to meet their customers’ needs. It takes good communication skills, organization, and an aptitude to learn a new tool or two. If you entered the foray of DITA, adding video to your offerings will be a piece of cake. No more excuses: it’s time to give video a try!

What can the audience expect to learn?

Find out how we started out on a shoe-string budget. We’ll outline our process, some basic video guidelines, and the tools and resources we use to create videos. We’ll also show you how to take your knowledge and experience as a technical writer and transfer it to a video context. In the end, we hope to inspire you to start with a small project so that you too can grow from there.

Meet the presenters

Robyn Faulkner-Conley
Robyn Faulkner-Conley is a Senior Manager of Technical Publications at Oracle. From start-ups to global corporations, Robyn has a knack for leading innovative teams of content developers willing to raise the bar and push the traditional boundaries in pursuit of excellence. Through the years, she’s been witness to and participant of the evolution of technical communications; from paper-based documents to online publishing practices to DITA, yet her vision remains constant: meeting our customers’ needs.


Karen Horan
Karen Horan is a Principal Technical Writer at Oracle. For more than 20 years, she has provided the vision, leadership, and hands-on practicality to push the traditional standards for technical documentation into innovative, new heights. Karen currently drives the vision and development of user assistance videos for the Oracle Flash Storage Systems technical publications group.



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