DITA Reuse Strategies

The DITA standard offers us a wonderful toolbox for content reuse. Coravu explores the numerous ways to achieve content reuse in DITA starting with plain content references, DITA 1.2 keys and conkeyrefs, pushing content, conditional profiling, and ending with reuse of entire publications and a preview of possible DITA 1.3 benefits for content reuse. For each technique, he analyzes small examples and discuss best practices and limitations.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Attendees cover most of the support that the DITA standard has for reuse (either at element or at topic or map level). Based on Coravu’s personal experience in helping DITA writers, for each technique he discusses best practices.

Meet the presenter

Radu Coravu

Radu Coravu started working more than 10 years ago as a software developer for SyncRO Soft Ltd., the manufacturer of the popular Oxygen XML Editor. During the last couple of years, his main focus has been on the development of the visual XML Author editing environment and the specific DITA support provided by Oxygen. He provides tech support for complex integrations and helps steer the product in the right direction, all this with some Java development on the side.



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