Using DITA-based Documentation with Your CRM

Support organizations are increasingly using CRM solutions to manage and solve support cases. They need an easy way to search through topic-based solution articles and link them to the support cases they resolve. But because technical documentation is often difficult to access from CRM systems, support agents create their own set of solution articles that are kept in a separate silo, with no connection to the official product documentation. The solution articles are not updated with important product changes, while the technical documentation is not improved based on actual customer issues.

The solution is to make topic-based documentation easily accessible to agents so that they can use it to quickly answer cases and give feedback inside the documentation itself. Members of the tech docs department can then update the documentation according to real-life customer interactions. The enhanced documentation increases case deflection by making it easier for customers to find the answers they need before they submit a new case.

Gelb discusses ways of integrating your DITA documentation with CRM solutions so that both your content creation departments–tech docs and customer support–can work together more easily to increase customer satisfaction and reduce service issues.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Learn how to integrate your DITA documentation with CRM solutions to create a unified workflow for content creation and improvement.

Consider actual use cases of how organizations have made their topic-based documentation accessible to their support agents and have brought agents and agent input into the content creation process.

Meet the presenter

Joe Gelb

Joe Gelb has over twenty years of experience helping enterprises implement, maintain and capitalize on structured content. At Zoomin, he has spearheaded the development of advanced technology solutions for content delivery. Prior to founding Zoomin and Suite Solutions, Joe was the CTO at Live Linx, a leading provider of software and system integration services for technical product information, where he designed and implemented solutions for aerospace, defense, manufacturing and hi-tech companies. Joe holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.


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