Delivering DITA Content Using a Card-based User Interface

As one of the world’s largest providers of IT training, SAP strives to provide its customers with an innovative and informative learning experience. In 2010, SAP successfully implemented the DITA 1.2 Learning Specification and over the last 5 years has created over 10,000 reusable learning objects applying instructional design and minimalistic principles. SAP has delivered thousands of DITA based courses worldwide in a variety of outputs from instructor-led training to standard SCORM e-learning packages. In this session, SAP demonstrates how it is taking the next step in innovation to deliver DITA content using a modern card-based user interface. Gemmell and Myers discuss how DITA content is ideal for card delivery and how cards can enhance the learning experience for customers.

We provide specific examples of how SAP is delivering learning content in cards. We demonstrate how you can create cards for information topics, cards for simulations of a system, and cards for knowledge checks to ensure a learner has understood a topic. Finally, we show how you can provide various sorting and filtering options when delivering your cards so your learners can easily focus in on what they need.

What can the audience expect to learn?

SAP’s  presentation on cards using DITA content will showcase how DITA can open doors to new technology and provide flexibility to a learning business model.  We demonstrate how DITA has helped SAP to succeed in developing a huge volume of content and delivering it using a completely new format.

Meet the presenters

Jennifer Gemmell

Jennifer Gemmell is an Instructional Designer with 20 years of experience in educational product development.  Within the last ten years, Jennifer has had a leadership role in several XML implementations, including the implementation of DITA 1.2 for SAP’s global education department in 2013. To date, Jennifer has enabled over a hundred SAP content authors to develop educational content using DITA. Jennifer holds a Master’s of Science in Instructional Technology.



Mark Myers

mark_myersMark Myers is a development architect at SAP with 20 years of experience in designing and implementing technical authoring and publishing systems for the production of various educational products. He has had a leadership role in many XML projects at SAP for the last 14 years and is currently the technical lead for our DITA Learning and Training implementation. Mark holds a bachelor’s degree in secondary education and a master’s degree in information science.


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