Power to the People: Supporting PCA-driven content creation through custom development

At SAP, Knowledge Management has been transformed to User Assistance (UA), developed using a PCA (people-centric approach). Internal development teams enable this strategy by developing creative solutions that enhance and simplify the overall UA infrastructure. Leveraging continuous development concepts, we focus on features that increase the value of service for end users of our authoring environment while continually measuring use and rolling out improvements. The center of our authoring environment is the IXIASOFT DITA CMS. Hartman focuses on one of our most well-received plugins, the Project Map editor, which allows Doc Leads to define global DITA OT properties, filtering, and delivery channels that can be applied to myriad outputs in multiple languages.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Attendees profit from a concrete example, from requirements through deployment, of internal tools expressly created to assist UA teams in developing and deploying simple, usable PCA-driven content in the most efficient, scalable way.

Meet the presenter

Anna Hartman

Anna Hartman has been in technical publications since 1991. During the past 11 years she’s been heavily involved in all things DITA, implementing and supporting a DITA-based CMS, managing migration projects, and managing a team that developed solutions for internal UA users. Currently she is part of the User Assistance Infrastructure Development and Operations team at SAP, providing CMS support and training, developing and maintaining API generation scripts, and generally enjoying time back in the trenches.


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