How to Produce and Share Technical Video: Beyond the screen capture

Customers are demanding information in new ways. They want content on their mobile devices. They want animation. They want video. They routinely consult YouTube video on their devices to obtain instructions to perform a myriad of procedures–from cooking to auto repair.

Unfortunately, technical writers feel ill equipped to produce video. It takes too long, requires specialized skills, is too difficult, etc. And they seem to be right.

Video is difficult and time consuming to produce, and technical writers are not trained to produce videos. There are few technical standards for technical videos, which are often perceived as the territory of marketing, sales, and entertainment. But mobile devices are driving the requirements, and we need to respond.

What can the audience expect to learn?

For this presentation, David Lance sets up a video studio in a corner of the presentation room using his own video and sound equipment. For the first ten minutes, we will address a documentation challenge familiar to technical writers. He explains the approach to produce video content to meet this challenge. He asks attendees to work with him hands-on to analyze the content, write a quick script, set up the shots, and record the footage. You’ll learn the workflow required. By Wednesday, David will edit the videos you produce and share them in a special morning session.

Meet the presenter

David Lance

david_lance_photoDavid Lance has more than twenty years of experience as a technical writer in the greater Boston area.
He possesses all of the requisite technical writing tools and skill–FrameMaker, InDesign, Quark Express, XML, DITA, Adobe suite, and so on. When he was asked by an employer to produce video content (about ten years ago), he became a pioneer in developing technical video. David developed techniques and an editing workflow to rapidly record, edit, and publish high-quality video content. He has pioneered several approaches to creating and integrating video which he will help us explore.

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