Auto-Generated API Content the DITA Way

Looking for a way to auto-generate service and API content for your engineers and customers? Consider DITA. Knapp and Noreault focus on a large effort to auto-generate service and API content for 28+ software products using DITA into one big catalog. The ultimate goal is an interactive content repository fit for a king. They provide details around what they did, how they did it, the lessons they learned, and how they measured results.

In a nutshell, they present the

  • Story behind getting the service and API code generators to generate compliant DITA
  • Process that was used
  • Efficiencies that were gained
  • Mistakes that were made
  • Lessons that were learned
  • Results that were measured
  • Road ahead to making more improvements

What can the audience expect to learn?

Attendees learn about

  • Providing insight into a non-traditional use of DITA
  • Telling a story that will peak everyone’s interest
  • Giving up the details surrounding the heartache around the lack of information architecture on this project and the time suck that resulted
  • Providing candid details around mistakes and lessons learned so that audience members can take this back to their companies and apply these to many different projects (not just DITA)
  • Discussing the roadmap for this project and its future
  • Saying anything is possible if you think outside the box to solve a problem

Meet the Presenters

Tara Knapp

Tara Knapp is a Manager of Information Development at ACI Worldwide and has 20 years’ experience in training, communications, and technical writing. Her interests include technical communication, user experience, process improvement, agile development practices, and swing dancing. Tara is a member of Scrum Alliance and ATD. She has a MA in English from Creighton University and a MPA in Public Policy Administration from the University of Nebraska.



Pam Noreault

PamNoreaultPam has over 20 years of experience in technical communications, education, and management. She specializes in content strategy, customer engagement, content conversions, and social networking strategies. She has an undergraduate degree in education from The Ohio State University and a master’s degree in English and Professional Writing from Wright State University. When not trying out new gadgets or trying to innovate in the business world, she’s hiking with her two dogs.


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