Providing Cost-Effective, Integrated Documentation-Learning Solutions for All Platforms: Mobile, tablets, laptops, desktops

Today, more and more companies realize that there is a content development continuum across the enterprise. Documentation, Learning, Technical Training, Marketing, and Sales can all benefit from a single-source content development solution that promotes re-use and dynamic, responsive deployment across any device or platform. Innovatia has a unique HTML5 Engine that accepts XML/DITA output and can transform it into responsive, interactive, media-rich, multi-device content. By the application of templates, XML/DITA documentation units can become learning modules at a fraction of the typical development cost. Levels of learning enhancements can be added to enrich the user experience, still at a significantly lower cost than normal. Content can be re-purposed for many enterprise functions like sales and marketing.

O’Reilly and Manning tell their story through a demonstration of the HTML5 Engine using XML DITA output on multiple devices.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Are you thinking of creating more synergy between your Documentation and Learning organizations and outputs? Are you asking yourself how to make your documentation more media-rich and interactive? Are you seeking to deploy your documentation and learning content on mobile devices with a responsive look and feel? Are you wondering how Sales and/or Marketing might better leverage your Documentation and Learning outputs? Our presentation and demo show how this can be achieved.

Meet the presenters

Sony O’Reilly

Sonya O’Reilly loves a challenge. Whether it’s the ever-changing needs of our customers or the challenge of creating content that helps people learn and work–Sonya takes it all in stride. Sonya has 20 years’ experience in information design, spanning roles as Chief Information Strategist, Director of Research and Product Development, and Senior Manager, Information Architecture, all of which have helped her pursue her passion: transforming business information challenges into innovative, strategic solutions for clients.



Steve Manning

Male SilhouetteSteve Manning has over 28 years of experience as a technical writer, manager, DITA consultant, Content Management Consultant, and Information Architect. He has five years experience teaching Introduction to XML and Introduction to Enterprise Content Management at University of Toronto Continuing Ed. Steve is a contributing author of Managing Enterprise ContentFirst Edition and DITA 101. He is also a frequent conference speaker, including STC and Intelligent Content conferences.


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