The Merger Experience: Harmonizing the NXP and Freescale ID ecosystem

One of the main selling points for moving to a structured information development system is to streamline mergers and acquisitions. In December 2015, NXP acquired Freescale Semiconductor, resulting in a company with 45k employees from 116 countries. In this presentation, Seth and a colleague explain the role DITA and structured content played in minimizing disruption and bringing newly branded documentation online in a very short period of time.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Both companies had DITA in use, and both companies used DITA as a publishing exchange standard. Since we both have the majority of our documents sourced from DITA and published through the DITA Open Toolkit, we should be able to “flip the switch” and start pumping out newly branded docs in very short order. We will give you the facts and let you decide whether the promise of DITA worked in this merger.

Meet the presenters

Seth Park

Seth manages an information development methodology team that is unifying engineering and information development activities. This team creates data models, processing, change management, and publishing solutions for content providers.




Constant Gordon

Constant manages the central customer documentation services team. Constant has a broad experience within marketing research, industrial engineering, application engineering and technical documentation and is now responsible for team that integrates tools, training and quality standards of technical documentation.





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