DITA: Going beyond information typing

DITA is not only about topic-based authoring. It is way more than that. Palabi casts light on how DITA can enrich the authoring experience of a technical writer. She covers the following two points in detail/

Delivering Media-Rich Content: DITA is the need of the hour. Minimalism and interactive content are the talk of the town. To encapsulate both in a package, Pallabi shows how to use DITA to deliver media-rich content to the audience. In one of the DITA projects she worked on, she embedded videos and interactive simulations to help the audience understand difficult modules of a product, and it garnered much appreciation from the customers.

Enriching Feedback Mechanism: Customer feedback is integral to the realization of usability of a product component, including documentation. DITA helps promote that. Pallabi explains how to create assessment questionnaires/feedback surveys based on the DITA model. These feedback surveys act as a tool to identify the gaps in the existing documentation and prepare a writer for improvement in his/her next phase of assignment.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Both beginner- and advanced-level DITA users learn that DITA is not only about segregation of content into three information types. It can enrich your authoring experiences in many more ways.

In many organizations, writers are only focused on migration of unstructured content to DITA topic types. They simply tend to overlook the other add-ons that DITA has to offer. Learn how to use some of the least-used DITA elements and deliver a rich documentation experience to the customers.

Meet the presenter

Pallabi Roy

Male SilhouetteBased in New Delhi, India, Pallabi has thrived in the content and technical communication industry for over 7 years. She commands deep functional knowledge in software documentation and instructional design and has readily applied it across various other areas, including usability analysis, testing, presales, training, and information management.

Pallabi works as a Senior Technical Writer with Ericsson India Global Services where she manages software documentation for a telecom product. Prior to Ericsson, she worked as a technical communicator in Comverse and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). She holds a postgraduate degree in Political Science from University of Delhi plus a diploma in Mass Communication. She is a social media aficionado, a citizen journalist, and a swimmer. Pallabi has delivered numerous presentations at national and international conferences.


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