DITA and Agile are Made for Each Other

Agile software development makes specific demands on documentation teams, whose content creators now need to be more nimble, describe features in a piece-meal fashion, and report on their progress in an effective way. The topic-based structure of DITA is ideally suited to these needs. Keith Schengili-Roberts (also known as “DITAWriter”) focuses on how DITA-based content is the optimal way of working in an Agile environment, enabling content creators to effectively meet the demands of short sprint cycles, measure content output for Scrum meetings, and how to become a pig rather than staying a chicken (yes, seriously). Keith also looks at several case studies of DITA-using documentation groups working within an Agile environment. If you are wondering about what the impacts are of working with Agile or are simply looking to optimize your DITA-based documentation processes, come to this presentation!

What can the audience expect to learn?

Keith expands upon the material that was touched upon during the Best Practices conference on the same subject, including information based on subsequent interviews with clients and other content creators who are using DITA in an Agile environment. He provides information on how others are using DITA in this scenario and emerging best practices within it. Keith has found that many content creators using DITA are looking to move to an Agile environment—particularly if they work for a software firm. The ideas presented here serve as an introduction on what to expect. Even those who do not fit this scenario may find some of the ways and processes used by DITA-using doc groups in an Agile team to be beneficial.

Meet the presenter

Keith Schengili-Roberts

Keith Schengili-Roberts is a DITA Information Architect at IXIASOFT, DITA evangelist, and technical writing nerd. Keith is also an award-winning lecturer on Information Architecture at the University of Toronto. He is an active member of the OASIS DITA Adoption and Technical Committees. He can often be found presenting at conferences, interviewing customers on their DITA best practices, and researching how DITA is being used and then sharing those results with the DITA community. Keith’s popular industry blog DITAWriter.com has become a focal point on DITA resources and best practices.


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