Harnessing the Power of the Agile Team

Companies move to Agile development for many reasons, including faster time-to-market. But what happens when the development team gets so fast that the documentation process starts to limit release content? And what if the team is already using DITA and employing minimalist techniques? What next?

Come hear how one Information Development team turned the tables on the developers and posed the challenge: “If you want us to be faster, help us make our processes more efficient.”

The result was a multi-year journey of education, collaboration, and technical solutions that yielded greater understanding of the documentation process, numerous automations, some product restructuring, and technical allies that the writing team never had access to before.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Attendees learn about working effectively with product teams: don’t just work for them or with them–get the team to work for you. Especially for small teams that don’t have much technical support (this team only had a tools administrator with limited scripting skills as a resource) or a full CMS implementation, gaining the support of coders can be extremely valuable.

Meet the presenter

Jennifer Skiendzielewski

Jennifer Skiendzielewski has spent 17 years as a technical writer and information architect with IBM and Ricoh, nearly 15 of those using DITA. She has been working with Agile software teams since 2010.



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