Structured Authoring for Business-Critical Content

The bar for achieving high-quality communications has been rising quickly over the past 20 years and technical publications have been at the apex of this movement. DITA has armed technical documentation professionals with a componentized approach to content that overcomes the challenges of creating standalone, static documents that are created in silos and unwieldy to manage. The problem, however, is that there is so much other business-critical content out there that could benefit from a structured approach to authoring.

Business-critical content is content that a company sells, content that helps a company sell, and content that is critical to running an organization. Think of standard operating procedures, sell-side financial research reports, government intelligence, pharmaceutical information, product datasheets, and even marketing collateral. With componentized content, the subject-matter experts who author this content could radically transform not just their own workflow and departments, but their entire business. However, today’s solutions for creating DITA and other XML schemas are too complex for the non-technical writer.

Aiken addresses the market opportunity that exists today for tech doc experts to translate their best practices into solutions for non-technical content creators. It will spark discussion about extending the benefits of DITA and structured authoring to the broad world of business-critical content.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Attendees gain insight into the significant market opportunity for extending the benefits of structured authoring–lowered costs, faster speed to market, increased efficiency, and improved consistency of content–to non-technical writers around the world who are creating massive amounts of business-critical content.

Meet the presenter

Jason Aiken

Jason manages Quark Enterprise Solutions, a platform for content automation that streamlines the entire lifecycle of high-value content – from creation to delivery. He coordinates with strategic partners and product engineering to help clients across financial services, manufacturing, life sciences and government reinvent and modernize their content strategies. With two decades of experience in technical publishing and content management, including products and services for aerospace and biomedical devices, Jason consistently advocates for technical solutions which improve user experience and simplify business process. Jason has a MS in IT System Design & Programming from Capella University.


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