Rx for RegEx

A regular expression is a special text string that describes a search pattern.  Bunting has been using regular expressions to clean up the ServiceNow DITA content for almost a year and has found these tricks to be an extreme timesaver. She used them to clean up the content after a conversion to DITA, but they could also be used to pre-clean up the content before putting it in DITA.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Learn to use this small but mighty tool in all sorts of creative ways to clean up your content.  You will learn about what a regular expression is, and how to use them to search out inconsistencies in your content.

Learn to clean up:

  • All the titles that are longer than X words long, have variables in them, are inconsistently capitalized
  • Index entries that were properly formatted for DITA, but improperly written
  • Bold tags inside of a title
  • Lead-in sentences for a procedure, when we changed the standard to be to remove them
  • All images that don’t have an alt tag defined

Meet the presenter

Dawn Bunting

DawnBuntingDawn Bunting is an Information Architect at ServiceNow.  She has 20+ years building content for documentation and training.  Over time, she has picked up a few tricks from the technical side of Technical Writing and incorporates those tricks into working smarter instead of working harder on the content.



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