Discover the new oXygen XML Web Author

In February we made available a new end user product, adding to the oXygen XML suite of products a browser based XML editor – the oXygen XML Web Author.

The main objectives of this web based editor are:

  • making DITA accessible to contributors, including people without DITA/XML knowledge
  • supporting direct review of DITA content in order to eliminate additional conversion steps
  • enabling zero setup requirements for end users, they should just follow a link to access the DITA content

Available with ready to use connectors for GitHub, SharePoint and WebDAV, the oXygen XML Web Author allows people to immediately collaborate on DITA projects.

We will explore together how to review and contribute DITA content, mainly using the GitHub connector to access resources from a few projects. We will look also into different ways to interact with DITA and test the new guided-authoring support for Lightweight DITA.

What you’ll need to bring

Bring your laptop, tablet or smart phone and experience accessing DITA content from any of your devices.
It is recommended to create a GitHub account ( in case you do not have one already, otherwise you will have access only to a limited set of samples. If you create your own DITA projects on GitHub (even private projects) then you will be able to access your own content.

Meet the presenter

George Bina

George Bina is one of the founders of Syncro Soft, the company that develops oXygen XML Editor. He has more than 15 years experience in working with XML and related technologies including XML-related projects, oXygen XML Editor, and participation in open source projects.

His most notable open-source projects are oNVDL –an open source implementation of the NVDL standard, a project that is now merged into Jing and DITA-NG, the Relax NG-based implementation of DITA that was adopted as the reference schema for DITA in DITA 1.3.

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