Schneider Electric Realizes its Digitization Vision in Days with DITA and Dynamic Content Delivery

At Schneider Electric, the Digest is one of the most complex documents the Partner Business Unit produces.  The Digest contains more than 22,000 orderable parts and products and relies heavily on tables, graphics, document structure, and xml content to enable consumers to find their exact products of interest.  While the organization was eager to take advantage of the company’s digitization initiative to make their content available on all devices, the complexity of the Digest made the digitization task seem impossible. Thanks to a dynamic content delivery solution, Titania Delivery, the impossible became a reality in just 5 weeks from start to finish. 

Making the most of the investment Schneider made to create the Digest as single-source DITA content, the team was able to take advantage of the system’s rapid deployment and processing power to put the Digest online in adaptive HTML layout in just 35 days with all the tables, graphics, content relationships, and intelligence fully preserved.  The online portal enables Schneider Electric consumers to quickly search and locate the exact product information they need from any device at any time. It also captures consumer feedback for ongoing improvements to the Digest.  We shares the story of how the Schneider Electric teams realized their digitization objectives and further details their plans to continue to innovate with DITA in the future.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Attendees will understand

  • Schneider Electric’s experience in adopting DITA content as a standard
  • How DITA content can be dynamically transformed into adaptive HTML without IT burden
  • How Schneider optimizes documentation processes with DITA from authoring to reuse and delivery

Meet the presenters

Kevin Habel

KevinHabelKevin Habel is the Global Product Manager for the MOTIF environment at Schneider Electric. The MOTIF environment is used to create and manage DITA / XML-based Offer Information and Illustrations through the use of PTC applications.  Schneider Electric teams in Technical Publications, Marketing, and Manufacturing use MOTIF to develop and share content that is then repurposed for customer needs. Kevin has worked within Schneider Electric for 30 years.



Stephanie Sprangers

Stephanie Sprangers is VP of Product Management and Operation at Titania Software, a leading provider of innovative content delivery solutions. For more than 10 years Stephanie drove content strategies, and managed global documentation initiatives and writing teams for Joy Global.  Prior to that she held Senior writer roles in software, medical device, and manufacturing companies.  Throughout her career she has driven content strategy, architected solutions, managed global implementations, defined processes, and supervised requirements gathering and tools selection projects for multichannel content publishing systems.  Stephanie holds an MBA from Cardinal Stritch University, BA in communications from University of Wisconsin, and for the past two years has been part of the management team at Titania Software.

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