Modularity: The key to reuse management

Hollis takes a fresh look at modularity and discovers how it can assist reuse management.

Both John M. Carroll, during his research into Minimalism, and Robert E. Horn, during his research into Information Mapping, considered modularity. With the advent of DITA, the abstract discussion around modularity moved to the more practical debate around topic-based authoring. In addition, consideration of the principles of both Minimalism and Information Mapping is typically reserved for disseminated documentation.

Hollis takes a fresh look at these principles, in particular modularity, and asks whether it is possible, or desirable, to also apply these principles during content creation. He also discusses reuse and reuse management and believes that the application of modularity could add significant capabilities to the DITA structure for reuse management.

Whilst this presentation starts from a theoretical viewpoint, it proceeds to practical solutions. Hollis considers how the proposed solutions might affect the whole document lifecycle, with a series of fictional business perspectives.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Attendees step back from the mechanisms of reuse and consider reuse in the wider context of content management.

Hollis begs the question whether the DITA structure needs to offer reuse management facilities alongside the actual mechanisms of reuse.

Meet the presenter

David Hollis

David Hollis is a senior terchnical author and DITA information architect. He is a member of both the DITA Adoption TC and the DITA TC. He has an electronic engineering background and moved to technical communication. He has introduced DITA at a FTSE250 scientific and engineering company and has researched the requirements of ISO/IEC Specifications for both domestic and industrial electronic equipment.

David has assisted a documentation team within a FTSE100 semiconductor company to develop a reuse strategy, and to assist the implementation of that strategy through several new product releases.

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