How To Produce and Share Technical Video – Review session

David Lance has been busy all night editing the videos that attendees produced in the first video session. Today he presents the results of your videos and demonstrates how you can add effective videos to your technical content with minimal equipment and time.

Meet the presenter

David Lance
david_lance_photoDavid Lance has more than twenty years of experience as a technical writer in the greater Boston area.
He possesses all of the requisite technical writing tools and skill–FrameMaker, InDesign, Quark Express, XML, DITA, Adobe suite, and so on. When he was asked by an employer to produce video content (about ten years ago), he became a pioneer in developing technical video. David developed techniques and an editing workflow to rapidly record, edit, and publish high-quality video content. He has pioneered several approaches to creating and integrating video which he will help us explore.


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