DITA for the IoT (Internet of Things)

Mendelsohn shares his international technical information experience, with personal insights and practical examples of IOT. He covers the challenge of creating a DITA inspired wiki for an Internet based project and concludes with a simple tool to assess the information needs for different types of IoT products.

What can the audience expect to learn?

The following questions will be answered: What is the IoT (Internet of Things)? What technologies are involved/developing?
Are there major differences compared to earlier technologies? How will these influence the nature and the life cycle of technical information?

Stuart also discusses the legal challenges of IoT information.

Meet the presenter

Stuart Mendelsohn
StuartMendelsohnStuart Mendelssohn, Tennotech, has been involved with technical information since the 1980s, including experience with aerospace, big data, machine learning, network products, product life-cycle management, semiconductor design, and telecommunications. He has worked with structured editing since 1989. He makes IoT devices as a hobby.

When taking a break from technology, he likes to research the archaeology and medieval history of northwest England.


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