Smart Content, Smart Company: Putting content intelligence at the center of your strategy

We live in an amorphous world where the consumer is becoming more intelligent, self-serving, and digitally diverse. This rapidly shifting landscape should dictate the context in which any organization operates, and yet far too many businesses still work in disjointed silos full of static, monolithic content.

It’s time to take a step back and look at who we are, where we’re heading and how we want to serve our consumers. How can we break free of this product-centric way of thinking? How can we embed intelligence into our content at the start of the journey? How does our content impact on our people, processes, and technology–and vice versa? And how can we rewrite the DNA of our organization to make ourselves more flexible, agile, and responsive?

What can the audience expect to learn?

In this session, Steve Odart takes us through the dangers of committing to technology without a strategic content plan, and explains how content behemoths such as Wiley, Pearson, and Oxford University Press are managing digital transformation.

Meet the presenter

Steve Odart

Steve Odart is joint-CEO and founder of Ixxus, with 28 years’ experience in the content industry. He started life at the London College of Printing, following his grandfather into the printing industry. He spent many years working with Quark through its launch of Quark XPress and the Quark Publishing System, before setting up a publishing division within one of the UK’s largest Sun Microsystems Resellers. He then joined Oracle, as EMEA Business Development Director, prior to founding Ixxus in 2004.


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