Yes We conref! Web-based authoring in DITA with Xeditor

Authoring in DITA can be complex and customizing DITA editors can be equally complex. We sometimes prefer “out of the box” solutions, but still hold on dearly to our customizations, specializations, and workflows. Xeditor solves this problem not only by creating an intuitive authoring interface, but also providing a modular and extensible framework for easy UI configuration to control the chaos of customization. This presentation will include an overview of DITA authoring with Xeditor and its customization, and give participants hands-on experience using Xeditor to edit complex DITA documents.

What you’ll need to bring

Please bring your laptop laptop with the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox or IE.

Meet the presenter

Anthony Apodaca

For the past decade, Anthony has been working with XML and publishing technology across the US, UK, and India. His first publishing job was writing Perl scripts to process SGML for multi-lingual texts and now he is Business Development Executive for Xeditor. He holds a masters in Jewish Studies from the University of Oxford.



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