Branch-Merge Designed for Efficiency and Usability

Branch-Merge, a long-time sought after feature by the structured authoring community with requirements that it addresses the complexity of functionality combined with the simplistic usability is now available by Astoria Software. 

The new Branch Merge feature addresses the complexity of DITA reuse and truly allows the user to Branch their content and work on the individual branches without sacrificing DITA reuse complexity. Users will be able to visibly work on branched content and when ready merge the branches, if desired. The Merge capability will identify merge conflicts, present the conflict resolutions, present the user with a simple method of choosing the desired resolution then automatically merge the content.

What you’ll need to bring

No need to bring a laptop to this session! For the Test Kitchen Astoria will have two user stations completely set up with the Branch Merge feature for hands-on testing. Astoria personnel and will guide the participants through the steps in order to assist them to get a complete understanding of the efficiency and true simplicity of using this feature and also to answer questions. 

Meet the presenter

Bill Gamboa
Bill Gamboa

Bill Gamboa currently works for Astoria Software as the Director of Sales Engineering and makes his home in Atlanta, GA. His responsibilities include supporting Sales with the technical aspects of getting involved with companies that seek to implement a CCMS. His experience includes on a Global scale:

  • Directing Proof of Concepts for enterprise-wide organizations
  • Implementing CCMS for private industry as well as government organizations
  • Speaking at Content Management conferences
  • Delivering technical demonstrations
  • Developing and delivering technical training courses
  • Providing technical user support

His knowledge of Component Content Management Systems and structured document composition has earned him the recognition as an expert in the information and content management industry.

Bill has a BA in Mathematics from Eastern Nazarene College, a certificate in Computerized Manufacturing from Cambridge College and an MBA certificate from Kent State University.

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