Lightweight DITA and Content Mapper: Less filling, tastes great

In this session you will install Content Mapper which is a Word Plug-in that generates Lightweight DITA from a Microsoft Word user interface.  You don’t have to know much about DITA or XML to produce fantastic structured DITA content.  You will create DITA Topics, create a DITA Map, reuse content and publish both XML and PDF.  You might even add some metadata.  This team is the way of the future for casual authors and for DITA success across the enterprise.

What you’ll need to bring

Just bring a PC with Windows, 7, 8, 10, or VISTA and Microsoft Word and we guarantee that you will become a Master Chef.  And you can keep cooking for 3 months at no charge when you are cooking back at the ranch.

Meet the presenter

Doug Gorman
Doug Gorman has worked at the intersection of structured content and structured mark-up for more than 30 years.




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