Enjoy a taste of a state-of-the art dynamic publishing with your own content. Set up your Fluid Topics instance in minutes.

In this session, we’ll allow attendees from their personal computer to push their DITA content to a dedicated Fluid Topics tenant that we’ll set-up for them.

After uploading their documentation (one or more DITA maps, PDFs) and customizing the look & feel, participants have a fully functional Fluid Topics service (a SaaS instance of Fluid Topics). Attendees will be able to search and navigate through their documentation using our embedded reader, create tailored personal books combining DITA topics and user-generated-content and print them to PDF.

After the conference, participants will still be able to access and use their Fluid Topics instance and they’ll be able to upload more content and add more users to portal.

What you’ll need to bring

You need to bring your laptop or tablet to reach your Portal.

You also need to prepare the content that you will upload to your Fluid Topics PoC.  **Obviously, this content will be DITA. We need one or several maps, and all the associated files (topics, sub-maps, images…). Take care that all href between files must be relative and resolvable. If you want to apply ditavals, we need them.

All this should by compressed in one archive, using the .zip extension.

In addition to DITA content, Fluid Topics can index Unstructured Content (such as PDF, MS Word and so on). Feel free to create another .zip archive for that purpose.

In case of doubt, send in advance the content to me so that I can check it out. To do so, you can use any kind of uploading tool you may have access to. You can also send me an email with the zip file(s) you want to process, if they are small enough. We can set up a SFTP access if necessary.

And don’t worry if you can’t put together a subset of your content in time for Reston! We will provide you with archives full of nice demo content, so that you’ll be able to test the entire process anyway. And as your PoC will remain up-and-runnning for a couple of months, you will have plenty of time to upload your content afterwards.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach me if you have any question (alegall@antidot.net / (617) 956-2416)

Meet the presenter

Aubin LeGall
Aubin is Fluid Topics presales and content expert. As a seasoned technical writer, he knows well the complexity and the pains of his fellow colleagues. Aubin is committed to sharing his knowledge and helping our prospects and partners discover the benefits of dynamic publishing, and help them reap its benefits.




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