Getting to First Base: Managing cross-organizational content with basic metadata

Documentation, Training, and Support organizations frequently develop the same technical content in different tools for different audiences. Long before organizations can efficiently share content, they need to share some vocabulary that describes the content. For example, the Documentation group titles a DITA procedure “Pre-requisites for Deploying VDI Desktops” while Support titles its knowledge base article (containing the same information) “Planning VDI.” For these two organizations to collaborate in the maintenance of the underlying technical content, they need to develop some basic metadata scheme that would identify a topic about VDI pre-requisites whether it was developed in Documentation, Training, or Support.  

What can the audience expect to learn?

If conference attendees are representative of many start-up or mid-sized DITA organizations, they are interested in developing relevant metadata but may not know where to begin. This presentation provides the cross-organizational framework for the metadata (controlled attribute-value pairs) and demos how that metadata works across DITA, MS PowerPoint, and wiki (Support). The sources will be available for attendees to download and to customize.

Meet the presenter

Stan Doherty

Stan Doherty lives in the the Boston area and works as a technical publications manager at SimpliVity Corporation. He participates as an active member of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee and DITA Adoption Committee. Sta  also supports companies in New England considering DITA. Feel free to contact Stan if you are considering DITA, DITA tools, or  DITA-aware CCMSs. In previous jobs at Akamai Technologies, MathWorks Inc., and Sun Microsystems, Stan has implemented DITA-based solutions for manuals, CSHelp, and web-hosted information centers.  Contact:



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