Going the “Last Mile”: Delivering DITA Content to Mobile Devices

Over the last decade, corporate technical publications departments have invested heavily in migrating their content away from proprietary authoring and publishing tools (e.g., MSWord, Adobe FrameMaker) and implementing the DITA standard for content markup. These companies have invested millions of dollars into content conversion and implementation of DITA-based authoring and content management systems.

In many ways, these DITA implementation projects have proven to be hugely successful, particularly with regards to content reuse and reduced cost of localizing content to multiple languages. However, one promise of DITA has often fallen short: the goal of true “single source publishing.” The majority of technical publications groups are still publishing to print as the primary output format, followed by online help, and in some cases, eBooks. But, one major gap is still present for most technical publishers: Automated publishing to mobile devices.

Even though smartphones and tablets have dominated the industry for the last several years, virtually no one is publishing content in away that fully uses the native capabilities of these mobile devices. instead, they are settling for the inherent limitations of PDF or HTML files.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Dube outlines 5 tips to help technical publishers to go “the last mile” to fully leverage your DITA investment and deliver native eBooks to popular mobile device platforms like Apple iOS and Android, and it will help to answer the burning question: “Why aren’t EPUB or PDF the best choices for delivering DITA content to a mobile device?”

Meet the presenters

Dan Dube


Dan Dube is a seasoned veteran of the XML content management and publishing industry, with over 30 years of experience working with structured content and automated single-source publishing solutions. Dan is best known as the co-founder and former CEO of DocZone, the industry’s first cloud-based solution for XML authoring, content management, localization, and multichannel publishing. (DocZone was acquired by RSI in 2009.)

Dan is now CEO and co-owner of Compass Innovative Behavior Strategies, a New England-based provider of behavior therapy services for individuals with autism and other developmental delays. He still maintains a presence in the publishing industry as an independent consultant.


André Dubé

Andre Dube

For over 20 years, Andre Dube has been managing the implementation of digital delivery systems and products for a host of desktop, web, and mobile platforms. Well versed in the design and delivery of professional e-publishing software solutions providing authoring, automated content processing, subscription and access control, and delivery of content research systems to thousands of client companies and tens of thousands of users.

He is the original founder of CogniLore Information Solutions, which opened its doors in 2000 with the mission to create best of breed digital delivery systems for mission critical content. Over this time, Andre has provided expert content delivery advice and products to major content owners in the legal, medical, pharmaceutical, association, government, IT, and resources industries.

CogniLore’s latest solution, Professional eBook, is a complete digital delivery system for reference content that enables rapid and secured distribution to a collections of Apps supporting every contemporary platform and OS.

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