Metadata: Meet the meat of DITA data

All data is metadata. Which metadata do you have—which do you need? At Varian Medical System, we create as little as possible and as much as needed. We use a DITA specialization to manage the key requirements throughout the documentation. By reviewing different types of metadata and different methods of collecting and managing it, we ask you to think about how to use and apply metadata in you own companies.

What can the audience expect to learn?

After a brief general overview of metadata in a DITA CCMS context, I concentrate on the Varian approach to add metadata in DITA topics and maps to track key system and safety requirements, from a high-level down to the sentence level, and on the reports and annotated output that we generate from the metadata.

By learning of a practical implementation of the approach, the attendees should be able to develop their own ideas for implementing a similar approach for related—or very different—requirements.

Meet the presenter

Dr. Richard Forster

Male SilhouetteDr. Richard Forster is the lead information architect and systems engineer for global technical publications with a DITA XML content management system at Varian Medical Systems. He is responsible for data structure, output transformations, data migration, reuse strategy, quality assurance, DITA authoring and localization processes, training and support infrastructure.




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