Using a Unified Taxonomy to Reduce Customer Pain with Content Silos

Customers can have a steep curve of navigating and searching your product content to complete tasks, gain knowledge, solve issues, and answer questions. Several groups in your company create and publish content. Typically they don’t align on content strategies and approaches for knowledge articles, user assistance/help, documentation, training, release notes, videos, etc. How can your organization best align these silos to enrich your customer experience, no matter what the content source or language? A unified taxonomy provides consistency; learn how we can build from industry best practices and investments in modular authoring with taxonomies to

• deliver dynamic and personalized content for a global audience
• provide customers consistent search and navigation across content sources
• enrich content using facets and classifications
• share a common taxonomy across silos
• provide flexibility in managing updates

What can the audience expect to learn?

Product content–typically documentation, help, user guides, FAQs, etc.–has gained in importance in many companies gaining more exposure for customer use. It is published to company web sites along with content from other groups all potentially written for various intentions. Federated search is a start to cut across the content silos, but results may not provide the consistency or relevancy needed by customers. A unified taxonomy, across all content types, provides a consistent approach to increase content discovery accuracy, navigation, and categorization. Gettinger discusses emerging best practices and approaches for your investments in modular content with industry trends and approaches. Attendees gain a perspective of how to coordinate efforts with other groups in their company to improve the overall customer experience in finding the right content.

Meet the presenter

Chip Gettinger

Chip Gettinger is VP, Solutions, SDL. He manages a team working with SDL customers to maximize their own customer experience by deploying SDL Knowledge Delivery applications. Chip has over 20 years’ experience in global publishing, content strategies, customer experience management, business management, and content management solutions, working closely with industry organizations, partners, and customers in technology solutions and deployment.


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