DITA Pilot Case Study: What we did, what went wrong, how we recovered

Teresa Acob and Fiona Hanington describe the process of planning and executing a DITA pilot project for Ericsson. This project was in effect an acceptance test for the content management system, information model, and publishing tool chain. The pilot itself was run according to Agile principles, which were invaluable when it came to adjusting course when troubles arose part way through.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Attendees who are considering a similar project can expect to learn some useful strategies from our experience, including usecase development and testing, communication, Agile estimating, and prioritization.

Meet the presenters

Teresa Acob
Teresa Acob
Teresa Acob, PMP, has 5 years’ project management experience and 17 years as a technical communications professional. She currently manages a DITA migration project for Ericsson. Teresa has experience with traditional and Agile project methodologies.



Fiona Hanington

Fiona is an Information Architect with HCL, on contract to Ericsson. Her main responsibility over the past two years has been to lead the development of Ericsson’s global information model for customer documentation in preparation for a move to DITA and a CCMS. Fiona recently completed an MLIS at the University of British Columbia with a focus on information architecture.



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