Social Media at Huawei

Social media has become an important part of corporate marketing, support, finance, and HR departments, but so far most information-development teams do not seem to have a solid plan for how to incorporate it into their content strategies. In this discussion, hear how Huawei has successfully launched social media initiatives within their publications groups. Learn how these groups have removed barriers between information developers and their customers, affording the opportunity for two-way communication. Come away with inspiration for using social media platforms, specifically LinkedIn, to gather information about your users. Two presentations are included.

Social Media Driven Information Development

We tried to connect with our customers through social media in the near past. Within more than one year’s hard work on LinkedIn group, we know our customers’ concerns better with less expense.

With the help of our group, we could take a quick response to customer’s need. Adopting the User and Task Analysis approach in social media, our documentation satisfies more and more customers than we could ever imagine.

What can the audience expect to learn?

If it’s impossible to meet with customers face to face frequently, how to use social media to help us to know customers better? How to engage customers to join in information development?

Meet the presenter

Hebe Hui

Hebe is the winner of the CIDM 2015 Rare Bird Award. She manages the Transport Network Information team at Huawei. She began her information development career at Huawei 11 years ago.

She and her team are dedicated to adopt a User and Task Analysis approach to improve customer information experiences.


Starting from the customer experience and working backwards

Even when a customer knows exactly what information they need, they sometimes still can’t find it. To make that process easier, we like to start with the customer experience.

To better serve our telecom operator customers, we have enabled direct contact between customers and content authors on the Huawei Support Website. Instant feedback communicates the customer experience directly to content authors, and has driven micro-improvements and micro-innovations on a large scale. It has significantly improved the customer’s information experience.

But corporate and consumer customers also need information delivered to where they are on the Internet. A better information experience requires more touch points. LinkedIn is one important touch point which we are exploring, and we are building a global information distribution network to help our content authors reach their targets.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Why we work on social media? To make it possible for enhancing customers’ information experience and starting from the customers’ experience and working backwards, what Huawei have done in the past years and will do in the near future.

Meet the presenter

Can Ling Liu


Ling is the senior manager of Information Distribution Team at Huawei. She has 15 information development and distribution experience in Huawei. She and the team is dedicated to better communication and better documentation, and to delivering Huawei documentation to global customers.


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