They Worked Before, What Happened? Understanding DITA cross-book links

When migrating content to DITA, you often have links from one book to another. These links work in your legacy environment but don’t work when migrated to DITA 1.2 or earlier. Why not? Kimber explains why cross-book links that work in legacy environments don’t work when migrated to DITA 1.1 or 1.2 and how to make those links work using the new DITA 1.3 cross-deliverable linking feature. He explains the challenges faced by a major software vendor as they migrated their manuals to DITA from FrameMaker through DocBook to DITA and how to solve those challenges with DITA 1.3.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Attendees learn about a small but important aspect of DITA 1.3. They learn how to explain or forestall the frustration and breakage that results from a migration to DITA from book-focused authoring environments. Learn how to inform both managers and writers about this potential problem and how to address it using DITA 1.3 features.

Meet the presenter

Eliot Kimber

Eliot Kimber is a founding and active member of the DITA Technical Committee. He has been working with structured markup for more than 30 years. Eliot is also a co-editor of the HyTime standard. Eliot currently focuses on the application of DITA to the business challenges of Publishers. Eliot is the founder and principle developer of the open-source DITA for Publishers project. Eliot lives and works with his family in Austin, Texas.




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