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Leukert provides an overview of why and how SAP’s internal financial guidelines have been transformed to DITA, showing an example of less-typical, non-documentation content in DITA. Attendees will look at the various challenges associated with involving larger numbers of non-authors into the content creation process in a DITA environment and what specific accommodations SAP has made in terms of conversion, specialization, editing features, and output adjustments.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Attendees gain a method for evaluating similar cases in their own companies and understand the specific challenges associated with bringing content to DITA that is not owned by technical writers.

Meet the presenter

Sven Leukert

Sven Leukert, VP Knowledge Management at SAP, is responsible for the unit User Assistance Content Services & Infrastructure, providing expertise, consulting and operational services to various teams at SAP, focusing in particular on DITA-related infrastructure and processes. Sven gets personally involved in finding new and innovative ways of using DITA for creating more enjoyable user assistance for SAP’s products. He holds a PhD in mathematics and enjoys cooking and woodworking.


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