CSS for Print

For organizations who have straightforward print layout needs and are frustrated with the high cost and complexity of the XLS FO formatting language,  using CSS3 as your print formatting language is a relatively new approach that we feel is a viable alternative to the XSL-FO language.
CSS Paged Media provides advanced print features and benefits. My team has performed research, development, and delivered reliable PDF results. The CSS solution has improved our speed to market, reduced our FO budget, and simplified technical resource sourcing.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Combined with Antenna House formatting software, attendees learn that CSS is a viable output language that provides a larger talent pool and a lower cost.

Meet the Presenter

Jim Mandas

Male SilhouetteJim Mandas is Director of Content Management for Molina Healthcare. In this role, he and his team work to innovate the entire content life cycle to deliver solutions that improve financial results, support an excellent customer service experience and comply with contractual agreements. Jim oversees the DITA component content management initiative and translation operations.

Jim has spent the past 8 years developing and driving user-centric initiatives from secure member portals, content strategy and DITA-based content management. He is passionate about all things creative and the process by which we make each user experience engaging, memorable, measurable and repeatable. When not at work, Jim likes to spend time with his wife and two children and surf the California coast with his friends.

Mark Giffin

Mark Giffin is a consultant for Mark Giffin Consulting, Inc. He implements, maintains and improves structured documentation systems. He participates on the DITA technical committee as a member of the Lightweight DITA subcommittee, helping to develop a standard simplified version of DITA. A former Fine Arts major, he enjoys leaning over a motorcycle in a corner until the footpegs drag, and reads voraciously.



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